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Profitez du Yoga aux Caraïbes

Nous transformerons votre Retraite Yoga à Guna Yala en une expérience inoubliable. Ici, vous pourrez profiter de magnifiques levés du soleil sur des plages paradisiaques. Un lieu inoubliable pour votre Retraite Yoga. Venez avec nous et vous resterez sans mots.

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Bienvenue à l'Ile Waisardalup aux Cayos Holandeses

Le charter à San Blas sera un séjour inoubliable. À bord du Carpe Diem vous vivrez l'aventure du bateau à voile entre les îles San Blas, vous rencontrerez les habitants Guna et vous vous rélaxerez dans ses eaux chaudes et claires. Venez avec nous et vous resterez sans mots.

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Le bateau Carpe Diem

Le bateau Carpe Diem est une Pearson 424 Ketch. C'est un voilier, de 12,90 mètres, construit aux États-Unis. Le bateau parfait pour un tour à San Blas. En savoir plus

Guna Yala

Guna Yala (connue comme l'Archipel San Blas) est un Archipel vierge parce que les gens Guna, qui ont vécu ici de l'époque précolombienne, ont protégé leurs terres de l'industrie du tourisme de masse. En savoir plus


Qualification moyenne pour le Carpe Diem:
★★★★★ à partir de 6 avis.

happy sailing escape.

If your looking to escape it all. This is the place for you. One of the last few places on the planet where the indigenous people (Gunas) live in harmony with the pristine environment. I sailed around the islands of Guna Yala with Carlos on the Carpe Diem. She is a fine oceanic yacht, and extremely seaworthy, with a fun,...”

Once in a life time Cruz around amazing San Blass Islands with Carlos and Carpe Diem

We are a couple in their 30's that got to Carlos (the owner and Capitan of Carpe Diem Sailing yoga Yacht) thru a few friends that did a yoga tour with him a year ago. We stayed with Carlos for 8 amazing days! During these days he took us around the most beautiful islands in San Blass area. Carlos is a very special person that made us feel like we are old friends that are having a Cruz together. He is the best chef and cooked us 3 fresh meals a day (pancakes, eggs, fresh fish or lobsters, fruits etc'). Carlos took us snorkeling in the best reefs in the area. We saw sharks, turtles, sting rays and much more! On top of him being a super friendly guy he also does a lot for the locals Kuna community! He donates some of his profits to the locals and he hires a Kuna as a second Capitan. Important to know is that the local Kuna's don’t allow doing this charter tours without there approval that most of the boats don’t have. Luckily Carlos is in very good relationship with the locals and he has their approval for the tours. We highly recommend booking the tour with Carlos and his Carpe Diem Yacht!”

The best holiday of my life!!!!

I stayed with Carlos on Carpe Diem for two weeks in September 2013. It really was the best holiday of my life, and I have travelled a lot! Total paradise!! Waking up in the morning to a delicious breakfast, then spending the day snorkelling, exploring the islands, kayaking or fishing. I didn't actually do any spear fishing myself, but it was great fun to watch! And I definitely enjoyed the daily catch! Dinner on the boat at sun set, or beach barbecues on a deserted island, it really doesn't get any better than this. Carlos is an incredible captain, really goes out of his way to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable, and great fun too! He makes friends with everyone who's passing through, so there was always a good group of us on the beach in the evening for a sunset volleyball game, music and a few drinks. He has a great relationship with all of the local indigenous people, so we could visit all the islands without feeling as though we were intruding. We could visit the families small settlements and talk to them, buy their beautiful handsewn crafts, learn a little about their culture (over a frosty may be remote, but the necessities are always available). I highly recommend this incredibly relaxing, fun and interesting getaway. I felt like a different person when I left. Nearly two years since my trip I have just booked for the December '15 yoga retreat! Can't wait!!!!”

Esperienza bellissima

Grazie Carlos per questa bellissima avventura! Cucina ottima e sorprendente! La tua disponibilità e conoscenza di Guna Yala ci hanno fatto entrare a pieno dentro questa realtà unica al mondo. Isole meravigliose e atmosfera ottima nel Carpe Diem!”

Settimana Favolosa

Settimana favolosa sul Carpe Diem alle san Blas Panama!Carlos cuoco eccezionale con pesce,aragoste e granchi freschissimi cucinati sulla barca con pane fatto in "casa" ogni giorno. Il modo migliore per visitare queste isole bellissime ed anche per avvicinarsi alla popolazione locale con le loro tradizioni.Carlos conosce benissimo la zona e ti infonde sicurezza nella navigazione. La barca è semplice ma confortevole.”

Best Holidays Ever

I visited Guna Yala on Carpe Diem with Carlos for one week. All I can say is that I never had such a great time ever. Carlos is a great guy. We immediately became friends andhe made me and my family feel at home from the first day. Carlos is a great cook. He would buy fresh fish and lobster from the local people and cook it to make a delicious meal. Kuna Yala is a paradise, perfect views, perfect weather and new culture. What else can you ask?!”

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