• How can I get to Carpe Diem sailing boat?

    There are two ways: by airplane and by jeep.


    You can reach Guna Yala in just 40 minutes by airplane. The airline Air Panama leaves the Marcos A. Gelabert Airport in Albrook, and reaches the island Corazón de Jesús in Guna Yala. The airplane leaves Panama around 6:00 am. Tell us and we will come to get you to the airport. Book directly at Air Panama. Corazón de Jesús is your best option since it is close to the islands where your vacation will take place. For long vacations you could also fly to El Porvenir, which is further away.


    To come by land, you have to communicate us in which hotel you stay in Panama City. We will organize transportation. The trip has two phases: the jeep trip, about 3 hours, and the boat trip ,between 1 and 2 hours, depending on weather and how far is the Carpe Diem. The driver of the jeep and the boat captain communicate together, so you don't need to worry about anything. Just be patient if you have to wait for the boat or jeep because in Guna Yala life is relaxed and sometime you have to wait the other passengers.

  • When do jeeps run between Panama City and Guna Yala?

    TO GUNA YALA: There are two trips from Panama City to Guna Yala. The first leaves around 5:30am and arrives to the harbor at around 9:00am. From there, a motor boat will take you to Carpe Diem and will arrive at about 11:00am. You could also leave Panama City at noon. Then you would reach Guna Yala at 3:00pm. Around two hours later, you would arrive to the boat.

    TO PANAMA: On your way back a motorboat will pick you up from Carpe Diem at about 8:00am (again, it depends on where Carpe Diem is at the moment) and will drop you in the dock at 9:00. There, a jeep will pick you up and will take you back to Panama City. They will drop you where you want: your hotel, the airport...

    If you have any special request, contact us and we'll help you out.

  • How much does the trip from Panama City to Guna Yala cost (return trip)?


    Each passenger pays about 162$ which includes: around 140$ airplane round trip; 20$ tax entrance in Guna Yala Natural Park and 2$ airport fees.


    Each passenger pays about 122$ which includes: 60$ jeep round trip; 20$ tax entrance in Guna Yala Natural Park; 2$ harbour fees; 40$ boat ride round trip (price may vary depending on the number of passengers and Carpe Diem's site.

  • What kind of luggage can I bring with me?

    For space reasons, we ask you to bring onboard a small and flexible luggage. The weight of the luggage, however, depends on the transport you choose.


    Check the airline rules on AirPanama.


    Each passenger can carry up to 30.8 Lbs of luggage.

  • Is there Internet available on Carpe Diem?

    Telephone and Internet network is not widespread in Guna Yala. Although some areas have good service, you are usually limited to WhatsApp. The perfect excuse to get away from the world and disconnect. Don't you think?

  • Do I need bed linen or towel?

    We give to all our clients bed linen and one towel. We suggest you bring one more towel for salty water.

  • Do I need my snorkeling equipment?

    Carpe Diem has a lot of snorkelling material (masks, fins and snorkels). But, of course, you are welcome to bring yours if you like it particularly.

  • Do I need my Yoga mat?

    Yes, you need to bring your own mat if you are coming to a Yoga Retreat.

  • What do I need in my backpack?

    The most important thing about your backpack is that it needs to be collapsible. This is because space is limited on board, and we can store them anywhere.

    You don't need a lot of clothes in Guna Yala. During the day, you will use T-shirt and swimming wear. At night, you might need a thin pullover if it gets a little bid chilly.

    It is important to protect your skin from the Sun. You will need: Sunscreen, Sun Glasses, a hat (one cool souvenir yo could get in Panama City is a Panama hat). We also recommend you wear a T-shirt while you are not swimming.

    Do you need money? Once on board, all is included. The only cash you will need is to pay transportation to Carpe Diem, Guna Taxes and the final payment for the charter or Yoga Retreat. The only extra money you might need is to buy some Guna handicrafts.

    To enter Guna Yala, you will need your passport. Make sure you have it on you on your jeep ride since they will ask it to you on a road control.

    You may also need: travel insurance, beach towel, photo camera, flash light and yoga mat.

  • Is there malaria risk in Guna Yala?

    Mosquitoes are very uncommon in Guna Yala.

  • Do I need nautical knowledge to get on board?

    No. The sail boat Carpe Diem has its own crew composed by the captain Carlos and his sailor. They will think about everything while you relax on board. If you want you can give them a hand, learning the basics of sailing.

  • What route do we do?

    There is not an established route. Any retreat and/or charter is different because organized starting from your preferences and the weather. Do you prefer sailing long or short? Do you prefer Communities or desert islands? Do you prefer coral or wrecks? Carlos will decide with you the route to take. We often visit the following islands: Isla Tortuga of Cayos Holandeses, Cayo Chichimé, Isla Estrella, Isla Cambombia, Isla Corazón de Jesus (if you arrive by plane), Isla del Porvenir (if you arrive by plane).

  • Who will travel with me on this trip?


    With the private charter you reserve all the boat for you. Only your group will be aboard the Carpe Diem.


    With the Yoga retreat you participate with two friends. You can bring with you 2 friends or, if you come alone, you can find them on board.


    With the Yoga retreat in the island you will find other Yoga students. This will be an opportunity to know them and to share with them your Yoga experience and the relax of a desert island.

  • How long do we sail per day?

    At most, 3 hours per day because the islands are close together. But everything depends on you. If you want to stay on the same island we can stay for several days or if you like we can sail more.